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International Boundaries Series by C.R. Misty @SDSXXTours @AuthorCRMisty

Simple Affair
The International Boundaries Series Book 1
by C.R. Misty
Genre: Romantic Suspense

This is not about wandering hearts. It's not about desiring to cause trouble. This isn't about insecurity, hate or revenge on a loving partner. This isn't about a loveless marriage or a person with a screwed up moral compass.

Maybe you are confident that your own relationship is strong. Maybe you are each other's world. Maybe you have what others are trying to find. Maybe you know in a heartbeat it can change...

A marriage is put to the test. Jordan is revealing her secrets. They tried this past summer with going through fertility treatment only for it to fail. Her husband Josh has taken a second job to support them. The long hours are starting to put a strain on the relationship and Jordan often finds herself alone. One day she meets Devon online. He is charming, fun and is also a writer. Jordan knows that she likes him but dismisses the thought at first...This is a romance.

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Deeply Bound
The International Boundaries Series Book 2

Romance, success & wealth but at what cost? Deeply Bound is the second book in the International Boundaries Series which follows Jordan, a woman who is on a journey in making her dreams become a reality. Gains in her writing career and personal life are falling into place though not in the traditional manner, she has taken the bull by the horns, and this game of lies that she is playing, will it catch up to her? Can she continue down this path, the rewards are good but at what cost?

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Something Desired
The International Boundaries Series Book 3
Releases June 20th, 2017!!

Jordan has reached her career goals as an author and dreams come true with the arrival of a sweet baby girl. She realizes that goals are not everything and that gaining one thing causes other things that were good in her life to suffer. The man that at one time would do anything to make her happy now questions their relationship. Her close friend Devon is going through tough times and Jordan is to blame. The attention that her writing career has gained for her attracts unwanted media attention that looms over her, her family and friends. Everything is unraveling...

I am starting to get my strength back and enjoy the activity and Desiree is a good little baby and is often not far, just laying in her baby rocker either watching us or sleeping.
Truth be told I haven't talked to Devon since the brief text when I told him the Desiree was born. I don't even know what his plans are for Christmas. For all I know he could be visiting his brother and his family in up state New York, which would mean that he is just a few hours away of driving from me. I curl up on our new plush corduroy couch and decide to send him some texts.
As a matter of fact I can't believe how awful I have been in that I didn't event show him a picture of Desiree. I send him a message, "Hey Mister, wishing you and your family happy holidays and I meant to share with you earlier but I guess you know how it goes with being a new parent."
The next text is a picture of Desiree, just that cute little chubby cheeked girl, with her dark brown straight hair and those blue eyes that are barely open. I send it to him and see something in her that I hadn't noticed before, the shape of her eyes aren't mine but the color is. I don't know if my donor had a different shape then my own but the shape of her eyes look like Devon's, well a mix of our eyes.

He responds within seconds with a smiley face then he types, "Ain't she something. Wow she is beautiful Jordan."

C.R. Misty has been writing novels since 2013 and The International Boundaries Series is her first collection of romance novels. “Something Desired” will be the third book to the series. She’s kind of nerdy but that’s okay cause she owns it and admits that she loves reading, writing and watching a good story. She also writes in sci-fi. Other hobbies are painting, gardening and exploring a new hiking trail. She lives with her ruggedly handsome husband and cute Maltese fur baby in Ottawa, Canada which is a really cold place. (she should move somewhere warmer)

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